A Complete Guide for Raising a Beagle Puppy

 An adorable puppy Beagle has recently joined your family, and you want to be a perfect parent to your little cuddle beast, right?. If this is your first time getting a puppy, things can get mixed up. The first hour, the first day, the first week, the first month, the first year is the most important part of a beagle organization.

A Complete Guide for Raising a Beagle Puppy

This is why I have put together this detailed but easy-to-follow guide to caring for and raising a Beagle puppy. In this step-by-step guide, I've covered everything you need to follow to raise a healthy, obedient, and loving beagle.

Getting ready for a beagle puppy

There are a few things you should do before bringing a Beagle puppy home. This will keep you prepared and help you take better care of your puppy when he arrives.

Well, if the cuddle beast has already become a part of your family, make sure you do the following things as soon as possible.

Prove your home puppy

Beagles love to eat. They will swallow anything they can put in their mouth. And if they can't swallow it, they'll try to break it down and then swallow it. This could put your pup into some serious problems. This is why it is highly recommended to protect the home, or at least a room, before bringing your puppy home.

You can protect your home from puppy-hood by removing everything from the floor that can fit in your dog's mouth. The best way to do this is to get down on your hands and knees and see things from the puppy's point of view. Here are some things you should specifically look for:

Plants: If your puppy sees a plant, it will almost certainly start eating its leaves and flowers. There are hundreds of plants with poisonous leaves and flowers that can harm or kill a dog. The tomato plant is one of them. So if you have plants indoors, keep them on a table or in a high place. If you have a backyard with plants, it is a good idea to remove plants that are poisonous to dogs. Also, never leave your puppy unnoticed in the yard.

Trash: No matter your age, always keep trash out of it. There are a lot of harmful things in it, so do not take any chances.

Chemical products: Products such as cleaning fluid or detergents should be kept in a safe place. Typically, these products are kept in lower cabinets, if that's the case, consider putting a child safety latch on them.

Medicines: Little puppies can mischievously take things off coffee tables and bedside tables, where we usually keep all our medicine. Keep vitamin tablets, pills, and any other medications out of your dog's reach.

Electrical Wires: For some reason, puppies like to chew on wires. This can electrocute them and cause severe burns. Attach all your wires to a higher level. You can consider covering your cables and wires with PVC pipe or rope concealer.

Tobacco-based products: Products that contain tobacco such as cigarettes, cigars, or nicotine gum can be fatal to your dog, so be sure to keep them away.

You can refer to this article to learn more about why beagles eat everything they see and how you can stop them.

Get the necessary puppy supplies

It's best to be prepared with all the supplies needed before your puppy gets home. I still remember I was very unprepared when I got Yoda (our eldest beagle) home. I had to run to the pet store a few times during those days. So let's not make such a mistake and get all the necessary supplies at once.

Puppy food: something you don't want to miss. If you decide to switch the brand of food, you will need to buy two types of puppy food. The first would be the food that the breeder was feeding him. Get the same brand and variety of foods. The second you want to give it to him. We'll discuss more of this in the "Puppy Feeding" section below.

Dog Bed: It is highly recommended to get a high-quality dog ​​bed for your beagle. Beagles are more likely to develop hip dyspepsia. A comfortable dog bed may help prevent this. Here are my three recommendations for your beagle bed. One more thing, don't make your puppy sleep with you on your bed; It's a bit dangerous for them. The puppy can roll over and fall out of bed, or you may inadvertently hurt the puppy while you are sleeping.

A couple of toys: Going to a different place will be scary for the little ones. Some games will distract him. Here are some of the best toys for beagles.

Honey: The stress in the new home can cause hypoglycemia as a puppy's blood sugar drops dangerously low. As soon as you notice any signs of hypoglycemia, dip your finger in honey and let him lick it off. Then contact the vegetarian as soon as possible. It is advisable to talk about this with your vet first and do what he suggests.

These were the few basic things you should have before getting a beagle puppy home. Here is a list of 13 must-have accessories that your beagle puppy will need on the road.

Bringing a Beagle Puppy home

Finally, the day comes when you bring home the cutest little monster. Your dog will see his new home for the first time, so try to make a nice first impression.

Introducing the puppy to your family

If you have a family, ask them to remain calm when bringing the puppy home. The sudden rush of loud noises and hugs can frighten a puppy. Let the puppy out of the basket and just let him watch the change. Ask your family members to sit on the floor at the level of the puppy and calmly greet him. Give your puppy some time to smell her scent.

It's always a good idea to give your puppy a few weeks to get to know everyone in your family before introducing your friends and extended family.

Introducing the puppy to your home

Give your puppy a tour of your home. Show him where he can find food and water. Show him the room he will live in. Do this every day for a few weeks, walk him into every room, except the kitchen, this way he will start to feel more secure and confident around the house.

Head to the vet

The next thing you should do is take your puppy to a qualified vet for a check-up. This will help you make sure that your dog is healthy. You can even use services like JustAnswer where you can chat directly with a professional vet.

Things to look for at a vet

Never choose a vegetarian just because it is close to your home. You want a vet you can rely on for professional care and advice.

Step 1: Ask dog owners for a recommendation. Call your friends, family, or neighbors who have dogs and ask if they can suggest a good vet.

 Step 2: Do a digital search. Make a list of veterinarians in your area. Check out their Google and Yelp reviews, and see what others have to say about each one of them.

Step 3: Call each of them and ask for clinic opening hours, night care, and the cost of the session. Look how professional but friendly they are. All of these will give you more points to compare and choose the best.

Step 4: Shortlist some of them and visit them. Make an appointment and talk a bit with your vet. Don't be shy to ask about their qualifications and experience. Ask them if they have had any previous experience with beagles.

Step 5: Choose the one who is professional, friendly, experienced, and close to your home.

Your puppy's first vet visit

During the first appointment, your vet will check your dog for any signs of health problems. In the first session, your vet will likely give you some pointers for your puppy's care. If not, here are a few things you should consider asking your vet:

Ask him to recommend healthy food for your puppy. Also, ask him how much and how often you should feed your dog.

Take the information about your pup's vaccination plan.

Discuss a determining schedule.

Ask them to give you information about some common signs of illness.

The first 24 hours with a beagle puppy

The first 24 hours with a beagle puppy can be difficult, especially if it's your first puppy. On the one hand, you can't stop adoring your dog, and on the other hand, you are very conscious of whether or not you are doing things right.

The first day is stressful for the puppy, too. He's in a whole new place without any of his brothers and friends around. This can be scary and stressful for your young puppy. You and your family will need to take full care of your puppy at this time. Talk to him, water him around your house, give him some toys to play with, and be with him all the time.

There's a reason I call them cuddly monsters. Beagles love to cuddle with everyone. And when your beagle puppy is tired, he prefers to lie on your lap and sleep for some time. What you can do is sit on the floor and try to fold your lap, as Asians do. This way, the puppy can fit comfortably in your lap and sleep for a while. Well, you can of course get him to sleep on his bed, but this will build confidence and make your puppy feel more secure around you.

Note: If possible, take your dog to the vet on the first day for a check-up.

During the day

Once you are done showing your home to the beagle puppy, give him some food and water. He will get tired of all the traveling, meeting your family, and walking around your house, so let him rest for a while. It's your puppy's first day, so don't force him to do things, let him do whatever he wants. After he wakes up, offer him some water. If he pees or defecates on his bed, that's okay. Keep some tissues around to wipe it down. Make sure you or a family member is around him at all times. Do not leave him alone, he will stress, and this can affect his health.

After playtime when he's tired, wipe him with a damp tissue or clean cloth. Don't use too much water so you don't catch a cold.

The beagle sleeps a lot. A young beagle can sleep about 18 to 19 hours a day. Sleep is essential to a puppy's growth, so make sure you don't keep him awake for too long.

The first night

Puppies do not sleep for 18 hours at once. They complete their sleep in installments. The puppy will sleep for a while, get up, do some activities here and there, lie down for a while and then fall asleep again.

Your puppy is sure to wake up in the middle of the night, see that there's no one around, and start getting nervous. He will start sobbing, and you will have to get up and calm him down and play with him for a while until he falls back to sleep again. And then he will wake up again after an hour or two. You have no choice, and you have to wake up and make him feel safe.

Some things you should do to survive the first night:

Put the bedding on the floor and sleep right next to the puppy. This is the most effective and recommended way to make your puppy feel safe and secure during his first night. He'll still moan, and you'll still have to get up and play with him.

If for some reason you can't sleep on the floor, keep your used shirt on the floor. Your scent will make him feel somewhat safe.

If you sleep deeply, ask someone in your family to sleep in your room. He must be calmed if he wakes up in the middle of the night and starts sobbing.

The best thing you can do is not sleep at all the first night. Call in sick from work and don't sleep that night. This might be one of the nights when you can catch a show you've always wanted to see and take care of it too.

Your beagle puppy may cry for more than one night until he begins to trust you and those around you. Although if it lasts for more than a week, start reducing the time you play with it at night.

The first week with a beagle puppy

I would suggest that you take a couple of days off from your work and help your dog settle in with your family. It's still all new to your puppy, and for the first week, you need to make sure your puppy beagle gets unlimited attention and love from you and your family members.

Now is the time to introduce some ground rules to your puppy, like where he sleeps, where he can find his food and water, and where he's supposed to spoil. Well, of course, your puppy won't learn everything in just one week, so be patient.

It's also an excellent time to start maintaining your pup's routine. Begin to schedule naps, food, bathroom breaks, playtime, etc. We will discuss more of this in the table section below.

Feeding your beagle puppy

A high-quality diet will lead puppies to healthy adulthood. The things you feed your puppy will affect its growth and development.

Being a first-time puppy owner, you will have a lot of doubts as to what to feed, how much to feed, and when to feed it. Don't worry, we'll go over everything, and I assure you, at the end of this section, you'll be pretty clear about feeding the puppies.

What do you feed your beagle puppy?

You want puppy food that contains all the essential vitamins and mineral supplements necessary for the puppy's growth. Puppy food contains more nutrients than dog food, so make sure you get the correct age details while choosing food.

There are plenty of dog food brands out there, and they all claim to be the best. It is highly recommended that you ask your vet to recommend quality puppy food for your Beagle.

Types of puppy food:

There are three common choices of puppy food:

Canned foods: There are different types of canned foods available in the market. The most popular and widely used is all canned meat foods. The vet suggested not relying on meat entirely because the puppy needs a balanced diet. So I feed my Beagle every canned food once a week. Make sure to choose canned puppy food.

Semi-wet or wet food: This type of food is available in one-off packages. If the puppy is less than six weeks old, you can mix this with dry food. This makes it easier for the puppy to digest his meals.

Kibble or dry food: The most popular and economical choice for a dog. There are many brands with a lot of options. Kibbles from a good brand can provide a well-balanced diet for your puppy.

Feeding guide for your puppy's age:

An 8 to 12 week old Beagle puppy should be fed special puppy food, as it is full of essential nutrients for growth. At this age, consider mixing dry and wet puppy food to improve digestion.

A 3- to 6-month-old beagle puppy will start to lose its tummy. Keep track of his weight. You must maintain a healthy weight. This is also the time to start taking walks. Regular exercise will help your puppy lose his tummy and develop muscle. Also, make sure not to over-exercise him, or else it could affect his bone development.

A 6- to 12-month-old beagle puppy should still be given puppy food. If your brand has a variety of puppy food designed specifically for 6- to 12-month-old puppies, consider switching to this. If not, continue feeding the same puppy food.

How to change your puppy's food

Note: Before switching a food brand or even a variant of the same brand, you should always consult your vet first.

No, you can't just change your puppy's food. You can't suddenly switch a food brand or substitute. There is a process that you need to follow.

Mix a small amount of the new food with the old puppy's food. Gradually increase the amount of the new food while decreasing the old amount. This transition should take place over a week.

How much should you feed your beagle puppy?

Just like humans, puppies have a different metabolism. This means that all beagle puppies need different amounts of food. You will need to know the correct amount by looking at your puppy's body condition. If it looks thin, increase the quantity. If he starts to become overweight and obese, reduce the amount slightly. Just make sure you don't overfeed it. Puppies grow quickly, and you will need to adjust the amount and continue to increase the amount accordingly.

Consult a vet for better advice.

How many times a day should you feed your puppy?

This depends on the age of the puppy. Young puppies should be fed several small meals throughout the day. A puppy under 12 weeks of age should be fed 5 to 6 times a day. Your 3 to 6-month-old puppy should be getting three healthy meals + the rewards you give him during training. After six months, you can change the feeding schedule to twice a day.

But it depends on your puppy's nutritional requirements, so it's best to talk to your vet about how often you need to feed your beagle puppy.

Puppy sleeping arrangements

With so much fun, your beagle puppy will need plenty of rest. And by rest, I mean 15-18 hours of sleeping and lying down together. Don't worry, it's normal and necessary for your puppy to rest for 18 hours. Of course, you want your adorable little dog to have a restful sleep.

Yes, you can let your friend sleep with you on your bed, this will soon become your puppy's habit, and then it will be difficult for him to sleep without you. believe me; You will regret this. So let's avoid it. Get a warm and comfortable bed for your little dog. He will love it.

If you still want to house-train your puppy, he will probably pee on his new bed. So be sure to put a layer of newspaper between the blanket and the bed.

It is recommended that you let your puppy sleep in your bedroom, at least for the first weeks. This will help your puppy feel more secure.

At night, a beagle puppy will have the entire room to himself and is unlikely to sleep through the night. The best way to make sure your dog sleeps at night is to put him in the crate (we'll look at crate training in the next section). I've already written a detailed guide on how to train a beagle puppy to sleep at night, so browse through it if you want to.

cage training

Beagles are notorious for getting into trouble. An unfulfilled beagle can destroy your furniture, swallow dangerous objects, and even injure itself. It is not possible to take care of a 24 x 7 Beagle. He needs a space where he can rest and be safe. This is why a proper crate is essential for a Beagle.

Here are some of the benefits of crate training:

- The crate gives your dog a safe place to rest.

- It will help you train the puppy to use the toilet.

- It will help you train your dog to sleep.

Cage training can be complicated, so it is advisable to start with it as soon as possible.

puppy grooming

Grooming isn't just about making your dog look cute; It's also about maintaining your puppy's physical health. Regular shaving sessions can prevent many health complications. Grooming will also strengthen the bond between you and your adorable little puppy.

Here is an overview of the things you need to do for a full configuration:

- cutting nails

- Cleaning teeth

  - Brushing the coat

- Bathing

- Cleaning the ears from the inside

 - Claws care

- Nose care

Potty training your beagle puppy

The first thing you might want to get past is potty training your puppy. The only way to accomplish this task is consistency and patience. It can take about four months to teach a puppy when and where to defecate properly and urinate. It may even take a year, but all you can do is be patient and be consistent with the training.

When do you start potty training from a Beagle?

Puppies younger than 12 weeks have no control over their bladder and bowel moments. So 12 weeks could be the right age to start potty training your puppy.

How to potty train your beagle dog

Usually, beagles do not like to urinate or defecate in their home. So once your dog understands that your entire house is his home, he won't prefer soil indoors. At first, don't let your puppy roam freely throughout your home. Give him limited space, a chest, or your room can work, so he understands he's meant to go out. Then gradually, you can increase its limits.

Now that you know a general idea, let's start with the proof:

1- Beagles do not like to defecate where they sleep. You should put your puppy in a crate overnight. It will help your dog control his exclusion. Take it out first thing in the morning as it's supposed to kill it.

2- Feed the puppy at the same time every day.

3- Note when to remove it after meals.

4- Take it outside during defecation hours.

5- Whenever he goes outside, praise him and reward him. This will stimulate him.

6- Be consistent with the training no matter what.

This is how you train your puppy dog.

obedience training

You need to start teaching your beagle obedience right away. The sooner your pup learns the right way to live with you, the better.

Actions have consequences

The first act of obedience is teaching your puppy that every behavior has consequences, both good and bad. If your dog does something you want to promote, praise and reward him. When he misbehaves, say "no" in a gentle but firm voice, if he continues to do so, ignore him for a while. This way, you can shape your puppy's behavior.


The second term is teaching your pup the proper hierarchy for your home. Beagles are herd animals, and they follow their leader. If you want your little dog to listen to you, he needs to understand that you are the leader. He also needs to realize that all other family members are above them in the hierarchy. If you or a member of your family fails to prove it, your little dog will stop listening to that specific person and show him his dominance. We don't want that. Here are some things that you and everyone in the family must do to establish their dominance:

You serve him food: Your pup needs to know that you are the one serving him food. Before feeding him he instructed him to "sit". Don't let him eat until you tell him to. Let all your family members feed him this way regularly.

You Eat First: You are the leader, and you have the privilege of eating first. Eat food at the dining table when your puppy sees you at least once a day. He will groan, jump, even bark, and it will last for a few minutes. After 5 minutes, eat the puppy's meal, instruct him to sit, and then let him have his food.

Get in first: If you take your puppy outside for a walk, make sure you get out the door first. When you both come home, you enter the house first.

Teaching basic commands

Your life would be much easier if the beagle listened to you. Teaching him basic commands allows you to communicate with your dog. "

Teach tricks

Now, this is the fun part. The best part of being a dog parent is that you get to show off the cool tricks your beloved dog can do. Regardless, teaching your puppy tricks can be a great time for bonding between the two of you. Teaching your dog tricks will not only help him understand you but will also bring him obedience.


Although beagles are considered residential dogs, they need more outdoor time than other indoor breeds due to their high energy levels. Believe me, regular exercise is the key to your dog's happiness.

But your dog is just a puppy, and intense exercise can spoil his growth plate. For extreme sports with a beagle, such as hunting, you must wait until their bone skeleton is fully developed, usually 1 to 1.5 years, which is a safe age.

For beagles less than three months old, exercise should be kept to a minimum. Their daily playing time is enough to drain their energy. For beagles aged 3 to 6 months, you can start with short walks around the neighborhood. And for ages from 6 to 1 year, it is enough to walk twice a day.

Here are some of the benefits of a daily beagle exercise:

- Builds good posture

- Strengthens the muscle

- Good for the heart

- Helps maintain a healthy weight

- Helps release energy

The first month with a beagle puppy

After a week, your cuddle will begin to feel comfortable in his new home and safe around you and your family members. Now it's time for some work. In the first month itself, you will have to start training your beagle puppy.

Here is a list of the tasks you have to do in the first month:

- Put the puppy on a feeding schedule (feed him at the same time every day)

- Start by training him on the box. This will help you put him into a sleep schedule.

- If your puppy is over 12 weeks old, start by potty training. If not, it's okay to cut it some slack.

- Start by training him to obey.

- Start by teaching him some basic commands.

- Introduce him to small grooming sessions.

Most importantly, be sure not to miss the vaccination and deworming appointments suggested by your     -vet.

Well, it might seem like it takes a lot of work, and frankly, it is. But this basic training will help you shape a small dog puppy into a lovable and obedient dog. And it's all worth it.

Set a daily schedule

It is highly recommended that you create a fixed daily schedule for your puppy and then divide all the tasks among your family members in a way that fits their daily schedule.

In this way, your pup gets care from the whole family and it will also create an unbreakable bond between your pup and the whole family.


As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to take good care of your dog.

Caring for your beagle puppy's first year.

Now that you know everything you need to do to raise a perfect beagle puppy, let's take an overview of what your first year of a beagle should be:

Eight weeks to three months

Eight weeks is the right age to bring home a beagle puppy. You will have to take extra care of your puppy during these days. If your puppy does something unusual, take him to the vet right away. If your pup is vomiting or has diarrhea, it could be a sign of an infection or other health complication, so take him to the vet as soon as possible. At this age, always keep him under supervision, and make sure he doesn't eat anything other than his own.

Do not miss the feeding schedule. Your puppy needs essential nutrients and proteins for proper growth and development.

Socialization at this age is essential. Once your dog begins to feel comfortable around your family, begin introducing your friends and extended family. Have him also meet other dogs and puppies. This will develop his socialization skills.

3 to 6 months

At this age, the puppy is going through the teething stage. Provide him with good-quality toys to chew on, which will help him deal with irritated gums. Just like children, puppies do bite, and by this age, your dog will be strong enough to cause you pain and even make you bleed. Check out this article on how to train a beagle puppy to stop biting.

Your puppy will become more socially friendly. He must be on a proper schedule with all his training and grooming.

6 to 12 months

At around this age, beagles begin to show sexual behaviors. A female beagle puppy will have her first heat cycle when she is about six months old. A male beagle puppy will start humping on things. If you decide to spay or neuter your puppy, now is the time. Talk to your vet regarding this to get the right knowledge.

Your pup will start to have better communication skills. He will have a lot of energy stored, and you will need to make sure he is getting proper exercise and a way to release his energy. If you fail to do so, your pup can be a bit aggressive at this age.

last thoughts

If you asked me for one last tip for raising a Beagle puppy, I would say that you set a proper schedule for your puppy and stick to it no matter what. Proper care during a puppy's age can result in a companion who is loyal, mature, fun, obedient, and loving for several healthy years.

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