10 Crazy Cool Tricks to teach your Beagle

 There is so much more than just sitting, come and stay that you can teach your beagle. According to research, a beagle can remember over 100 words and gestures. Which means you can teach a beagle 100 different tricks, how cool is that? On the other hand, teaching you a few four-legged tricks can be a great bonding exercise for both of you.

10 Crazy Cool Tricks to teach your Beagle

The Beagle is a year old now and I've taught him about 30 different tricks and things, enough to impress the masses, lol. I have listed 12 of my favorite tricks that you can teach your Beagle.

1- Play Dead on a Bang

I can't tell you how much applause the Beagle earned with this trick. This trick is a little hard to teach compared to the others on this list. You will need to be patient with your dog for this. It may take a week for your dog to master this, but it is worth it.

About this trick: You make a gunshot, a bang, and your dog howls and plays dead.

Difficulty: hard

Step 1: First, you will need to teach your dog to howl on command. Therefore, the more your dog howls, say the louder “howl” and treat it. Do this until your pet begins associating the word "howl" with its howl. After 30-40 tries, your little dog will start to howl after you say "howl".

Step 2: Now that your pet knows the "howl" command, it's time to teach him to play dead, and by playing dead, I mean to roll on his back. Turn your friend on his back, say "dead," and give him a treat. Slowly and gradually increase the time you keep on his back. Do this until your friend starts playing on his own without your support.

Step 3: Once the beagle has mastered the "Howl" and "Dead" commands, it's time to teach him to play the dead. Tell your dog to "howl" and then to "dead" and then treat it.

Step 4: Gradually start saying both things together.

Step 5: Add the word bang before both commands. Once your dog howl and rolls on his back on the command "Bang Howl Dead," remove the word Howl and Dead and just say "Bang." And that's how the beagle learned to play dead at Bang.

2-Speak on Commands

With this said, your dog will bark when you tell him to. This might solve a more important problem: barking. Beagles are very noisy, and they love to bark a lot. Teaching your dog to bark may solve the problem of unnecessarily barking.

About it: With this trick, you can teach your dog to bark at your command.

Difficulty: easy

Step 1: Set a word for this command. I used "talk" for my beagle.

Step 2: Do something that makes your pet bark; For example, a beagle barks every time he hears the doorbell. And when he starts to bark, say the word "speak" and reward him.

Step 3: Repeat this several times. Then try saying "speak" and see if he barks. If he does, reward him and praise him.

3-Simple Maths

Just imagine you ask your little dog "what is 2 +1" and your friend barks three times. How cool would that be?

How this works: Well, your dog won't do the math here. It's a hoax in the truest sense. You have to associate the bark command with your hand gesture. For example, your dog will bark when you raise your hand in the air and will continue to bark until you lower your hand.

Difficulty level: medium

Step 1: You will first need to teach your dog to bark on command.

Step 2: Hold the food in your left hand and raise your right hand.

Step 3: With your right hand in the air, command your dog to "talk." Lower your right hand when he barks and give him a treat.

Step 4: Repeat this several times. Now raise your right hand again, make him speak twice, and then lower your hand.

Step 5: Increase the number of barks.

Step 6: Keep varying the number of barks until he understands that he must bark so that the hand is not lowered.

Step 7: Stop saying "speak" and just raise your hand. Sooner your dog will start to bark when you raise your hand.

4-Ring Bell when nature calls

How convenient it will be for your dog to ring the bell when he needs to go out to urinate and defecate. For this, you will need a bell. I recommend installing the doorbell inside your home near the door.

Difficulty level: medium

Note: This trick is for Beagles who have been trained at home and pee/poop out of the house only.

Step 1: When you take your pet outside to do his work, ring the bell before you open the door.

Step 2: After doing this a few times, hold the treat above the bell where your pet can't reach it. This will cause him to stand on his legs and bend over the door to reach the reward.

Step 3: Take his paw and press the bell.

Step 4: Open the door and get him out (don't reward him now).

Step 5: Treat him as soon as he's done with his work.

After repeating this a few times, your little dog will begin to ring the bell to go out to call nature. This trick may take longer, but don't give up trying.

5-Play Tug of War

They usually attract most beagles with their favorite cloth or toy without teaching them. But you can teach your pet to play the tractor game with you at your command.

Difficulty: easy

Step 1: Show your pet a piece of cloth and tell him to "take it". Knowing the beagle, your pet will come running to you to pick up that cloth.

Step 2: Reward him for coming and grabbing the fabric you offered.

Step 3: Pull the fabric when the beagle catches it. When your friend backs off, reward him.

Step 4: Repeat this several times.

6-Bring Newspaper

How cool would it be if your little dog brought newspapers to your bed every morning? The newspaper is only the beginning. You can teach him to bring your slippers or even beer.

Difficulty level: medium

Step 1: Lay the newspaper on the floor near your dog.

Step 2: Once he chooses the newspaper, say "take" and treat him. If your friend does not receive the newspaper, try to show it to him.

Step 3: Once he gets used to picking up a newspaper, teach him to bring it to you. So, as soon as your beagle grabs the newspaper, say "Bring," take the newspaper out of his mouth, and tackle it. Start moving forward before you say "give." Repeat until your pet brings the newspaper to you at your command.

Step 4: Place the newspaper on the door and have him pick it up and bring it down to you.

Step 5: Begin by saying "bring the newspaper" before the command "take" and "give."

Step 6: After repeating this a few times, stop saying “take” and “give” and just say “bring a newspaper.”


The coolest thing your little friend can do is give you a good time when you have friends.

Difficulty: easy

Step 1: Gently lift the paws of the beagle and give a high five.

Step 2: Say "Paw" when you are healthy

Step 3: Repeat several times.

Your dog will quickly give you five claws when you say the command.


Beagles are cuddling. This is something they can enjoy.

Difficulty: easy

Step 1: Kneel on the floor and command the dog to sit next to you.

Step 2: Gently lift the dog's front paws and place them on your shoulder as you say "cuddle". Make sure to catch the dog.

Step 3: He may get excited, let him calm down, then reward him.

Step 4: Say "okay" and place his paws on the floor. Then reward him.


Well, training a dog is incomplete without teaching it to "fetch". The Beagles love to play fetch. Playing fetch can be fun and also an excellent exercise for a beagle.

Why bring every beagle's favorite game?

Beagles are a hunter breed. In the past, humans, and beagles used to hunt alongside. They are used to hunt small animals, hunt them and bring them to humans. Something similar to playing fetch right? Chasing something and bringing it back is a beagle's instinct. That is why they like to play so much.

Difficulty: hard

Step 1: First, you will need to teach him the "take" and "bring" commands. Put a ball near him, and as soon as he catches it, say "take" and reward him.

And to "fetch", take the ball out of his mouth and reward him. Repeat until your dog gives you the ball with the "bring" command.

Step 2: Show the ball to your pet and make them "take" and "bring" at once.

Step 3: Throw the ball a little further and tell him to "take" and "bring".

10-Turn on/off Lights

Well, it's Sunday night, I came home tied up. You fall on the bed only to realize you forgot to turn off the lights. What if you asked your beagle to do it for you?

Difficulty: easy

Step 1: Use a training stick and point it at the switch.

Step 2: Once your dog leans forward and clicks the switch, say "lights" and give him a treat.

Step 3: Repeat this several times.

You may have heard that beagles are difficult to train and teach tricks. This is 100% true. Beagles are strong. According to a study, beagles take about 80 to 100 repetitions to learn a command. But that doesn't mean they are stupid. They are very smart. You could say that they are too smart to train and follow orders. You can take this test to see how smart your dog is. Don't worry, just be patient with your dog and don't give up. These cuddling monsters are perfectly capable of learning, and following commands, it's just that hard.

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