How smart is your beagle dog Find out with an intelligence test?

How smart is your beagle dog Find out with an intelligence test

  if you own a beagle then you already know how affectionate and innocent they are, but what about their intelligence how smart are beagles just like humans every beagle has different intelligence in this article, I will show you how to find out the IQ of your beagle.

we will take four tests of our beagles each test, will have scores of its own in the end we will add all the points and see where our dog ranks on the intelligence scale.

that's how we'll test you will need a towel and a stopwatch you can use your phone for that and of course your beagle.

- step one give your pet a towel and let him get familiar with it.

- step two toss that towel over your pet's head in a way that it covers him completely.

- step 3 start the timer.

- step 4 note how long does it take for your dog to get out of it based on the time find out how many points he scores if he finds his way out within 30 seconds, then he gets 30 points if he takes 30 to 120 seconds he gets 20 points he tries but fails to get out within 120 seconds then he scores 10 points if he just lays down without even trying, then he gets zero points to uncover the.

treat test for this test, you will need a towel his favorite treat and a stopwatch step one to show your dog his favorite treat.

 - step 2 when you get his attention put the treat on the floor and cover it with the towel.

- step 3, start the timer and see how long it takes to get the treat if he takes less than 30 seconds, then he gets 30 points 30 to 120 seconds 20 points if he tries and gives up or fails within 60 seconds then 10 points if he gives up under 10 seconds or doesn't try at all then zero.

the reach the treat test you will need treats a stopwatch and a couch to get the attention of your pet by showing him the treat put the treat, under the couch at a distance at which he cannot reach the treat with his muzzle, but can get it with his paws make sure you do this when your dog is watching now, start the timer and observe how he gets the treat if he gets the treat with his paws within 2 minutes then he gets 40 points if he takes 3 minutes he gets 30 points if he tries for at least 3 minutes but gives up then 20 points if he only uses his muzzle and doesn't try to reach it with his paws then he gets 20 points if he gives up or doesn't try at all he gets zero.

find the cup with treat test for this you will need three cups and his favorite treat put the treat under the cup when your dog is looking let him reach the cup and give him the treat now get two more cups

and when your pet is looking hide the treat under one of the three cups slowly jumble the cups and see if your dog can find the cup with the treat if he guesses the right cup on the first try then he gets 20 points if he guesses it on the second try he gets 10 points if he fails or gives up then zero.

now add up the score of all the four tests if he gets 120 points then your beagle is the Stephen hawkings of the dog world if he gets 110 to 120 points, then he is a genius 80 to 100 points, then he is quite intelligent when compared with his other friends 40 to 70 is the score of a normal average dog if he gets 10 to 30 then he is one of the I will do better next time if he gets zero, then he is just too lazy. 

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