Why do beagles love to cuddle us?

Why do beagles love to cuddle us?

Monsters love our company they just want to be around us all the time they love to snuggle in our blanket and take a nap next to us, but why do beagles love to snuggle with us?

in the past, dogs and humans lived together in open woods, sleeping next to each other in the winter to share body heat and the rest of the time to feel safe. Now this has become a dog thing you may have seen in a group of puppies cuddling together, besides being cute and adorable.

it is the result of evolution beagles as hunting dogs have learned their survival skills and in their blood. they have hunted and lived. they have done it by rooting and sticking together. humans have evolved to be intelligent creatures. they can cover themselves with a blanket to avoid cold.

on the contrary, dogs still prefer us as their source of warmth, beagles have always been a pack animal, that's one of the reasons they do well in large families, it's not just about warmth, it's about the love and affection beagles have for their human companions.

a recent study says that cuddling with your dog can help fight human depression, stress and anxiety, your beagle can be your therapist, besides strengthening the bond between you and your beagle.

So the next time your dog snuggles into your blanket and wakes you up in the morning, just snuggle him back.

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