7 The most common things that beagles are afraid of

7 The most common things that beagles are afraid of

no matter how brave a breed is, there are always some things that all dogs are afraid of this is no different with beagles, so let's take a look at seven of the most common things beagles are afraid of.

number 1: thunder 

this is a very common fear in all dogs, a sudden and loud sound of thunder can be scary for them, they start barking or running around during a thunderstorm

Number 2: Fireworks similar to thunder

the loud sounds of fireworks can be scary for your beagle fireworks make different types of sounds and this can cause the beagle to run in fear the fear can affect some beagles more than others, he may try to hide behind objects or bark or pee they may show destructive behavior at such times close all windows and cover them with curtains to block the sound and light.

 number 3: veterinarian the whole experience of a visit to the

The whole experience of visiting the vet can be traumatic for beagles, think about it from their perspective, the clinic has strange smells and there are other animals and new faces, besides being physically examined by a stranger is not something they want to stop this fear, what you can do is bring your beagle to the vet clinic just for social visits, ask the receptionist to give them some treats, if possible ask the vet to just play with them.

number 4: fear of being left alone.

Does your Beagle start barking when you leave him alone in the room and won't stop until you come back? This is fear of being alone, also known as separation anxiety. My neighbor's beagle who has this problem sometimes even pees and poops in the house when left alone.

number 5: riding in the car.

Some beagles hate riding in the car. If this is the case with your Beagle, chances are you have subconsciously associated something terrible with it, for example, taking your Beagle to the vet in the car will plant the seeds of fear and he will start to hate it.

 Number 6: Vacuum cleaners Vacuum cleaners are big

 make a lot of noise, which can be scary for your dog, it might seem that the vacuum cleaner is trying to attack him, this usually happens because your beagle is not used to this thing.

 number 7: hair dryer.

 Again, the sudden loud noise of a hair dryer can scare your beagle, especially if he is still a puppy. To take this sphere away from him, you can slowly introduce him to the hair dryer by placing the turned off hair dryer in front of him and letting him investigate once he gets used to it.

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