5 ways to help your biting baby puppy

5 ways to help your biting baby puppy

Your cute little beagle has turned into a zombie, chewing on everything he sees, biting you, and your puppy is teething. Teething is a difficult time for Beagle puppies because during this stage the old teeth fall out and new teeth emerge, which can cause irritation and discomfort in the gums. Teething is a process in which the Beagle's old temporary teeth.

When the Beagle is about three to four months old, the old teeth begin to fall out and the permanent teeth emerge, causing irritation to the gums.

Yes, your cute little ball of fur will turn into a zombie, chewing on your furniture, destroying things, and even biting - don't take this as aggression, it's normal, every puppy does it. Redirect behavior to a chew toy.

Teething can be a difficult time for both your Beagle and you. There are some things you can do to give your puppy relief and stop the destructive chewing and nipping.

Number 1: chew toys

 the best way to save your furniture is to offer your beagle puppy lots of chew toys. every time you see your puppy chewing on your furniture, direct him to a chew toy. this not only helps relieve discomfort, but also trains him not to destroy the furniture. having more than one chew toy helps to get different types of chew toys with different shapes and textures.

Number 2: a frozen carrot

 When our younger beagle Groot was teething, frozen carrots really helped him get through the pain. As the name implies, take a carrot and put it in the freezer until frozen and give it to your pup, the cold numbs the gums and soothes the irritation.

Number 3: frozen water 

What is colder than frozen carrots, frozen water and you know what is tastier than frozen water, flavored frozen water. Before you freeze the water, add some chicken broth and you have a flavored ice cube for your beagle. You can place the ice cube on the floor and let your pup frolic on it while he slides.

Number 4: chewy treats

 You can even give your puppy edible chewy candy like a bone. Your dog will love you even more for it. Chewy candies are a blessing for dog owners these days, there are so many options with different flavors. I offered my Groot small edible bones during his teething period and he spent his entire day chewing on that bone.

Number 5: frozen hand towel

Another way to numb your puppy's gums is with a frozen towel. Soak a towel in water and place it in the freezer. Offer the frozen towel to your beagle and let him nibble on it. Your puppy likes the texture of the towel, but he may tear off small pieces of the towel and swallow them, so please do not leave him unattended with the towel. Just like human babies, when puppies are teething, your Beagle puppy will bite you with his tiny but sharp teeth. His teeth are small enough not to cause severe scarring, but sharp enough to make you scream.

I would like to add that you should not punish your Beagle if he bites you or destroys one of your favorite pieces of furniture. You need to understand that your puppy is in pain and is trying to relieve the discomfort in his gums. Remember that he is just a puppy who does not yet know how to live with you properly.

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