11 things you should know before owning a beagle

11 things you should know before owning a beagle

We all know how cute and adorable beagles are but apart from being cuddle monsters, there's a lot more, so let's talk about a few things that nobody tells you about owning a beagle.

 number one:

beagles are clingy to their owners, that's how they show their love when you are home they won't leave you alone for even a minute, they will even follow you into the toilet they just want to be with you all the time.

 number two:

beagles need a lot of exercises, I always tell people to get a beagle only if you have time to exercise them, beagles are an energetic breed daily exercise is crucial for their well-being.

number three:

 they are vocal about their feelings, they have a lot of different noises they whine when they are angry, they cry when they want something they bark when they want attention, they have their own language that only beagle owners understand.

number four:

 they are obsessed with cuddling, they love to snuggle in our blankets and curl up in our laps if you are planning to get a beagle, then let me tell you that you will never be lonely.

 number five:

they are true foodies they love to eat, they would eat almost anything you give them, so if the food starts missing from your dining table, then you know who to blame.

 number six:

 they are stubborn not all but many beagles have a stubborn personality this makes it difficult to train which is our next point. 

number seven:

beagles are challenging to train, you will need to be patient while training them beagles are smart due to their stubbornness, they take a lot longer to learn commands and tricks, they are quicker at picking up bad things too, so you will have to be very cautious about not encouraging their bad behavior.

number eight:

 they need a lot of attention, you will need to train them groom them to take them out for walks play with them.

 number nine:

 they are super mischievous one thing that all beagles have in common is how naughty and mischievous, they are they often get themselves in trouble doing something naughty like peeing inside the house or chewing on your furniture.

 number ten:

 you cannot leave them alone beagles are affectionate and loving dogs they thrive on human companionship however, this also makes them prone to separation anxiety, they don't do well if left alone but with enough training and patience, you can definitely teach them to be on their own for a few hours.

number eleven:

 they are infamous for running away beagles are curious scent hounds they are infamous for catching ascent and running away chasing it you cannot trust them without a leash no matter how mischievous and naughty they are I will prefer them over any other dog breed for sure why because they are friendly social playful affectionate loyal cuddle monsters.

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