10 signs that your beagle loves you the most

10 signs that your beagle loves you the most

While Beagles love every member of their family, they always have a favorite Studies show that dog behavior can be used to understand their intentions and emotions, so let's look into 10 signs that your Beagles love you the most.

Number 1: your beagle stares you straight in the eye

if your beagle stares at you for a long time, it's not creepy at all, it just means that he really loves you very much. scientific studies show.

that staring at each other can increase oxytocin levels, also known as the love hormone, in both the owner and the dog.

 Number 2: your beagle wags its tail when you call its name

In most cases, a wagging tail is a sign of a happy Beagle. If your dog starts wagging his tail when you call him, it means that you make him happy.

 Number 3: they want to cuddle with you

 in the human world, cuddling means wrapping your arms around each other and hugging, but beagles don't like that because it makes them feel trapped. They cuddle by coming close and snuggling up to you.

Number 4: they yawn when you yawn

Yawning is contagious not only for humans but also for dogs, however, dogs only reflect yawning when they are emotionally connected to that person.

Number 5: They want to be where you are

When they know that their favorite human is in the house, they always want to be with them, Beagles even follow their favorite to the bathroom.

Number 6: they listen to you well

almost always beagles can be stubborn, they are notorious for not following their owner's orders, however they would follow your orders more than other family members, this is because they respect you.

Number 7: they would lick your face more often

Beagles are a friendly breed and it is not uncommon for them to lick everyone's face, but usually they would lick your face more often than others.

 Number 8: they get excited when they see you again

even after a few hours, they will be super excited and greet you as if you have been gone for days. This is because they love you too much to let you go even for a few hours.

Number 9: they like to cuddle in your clothes

If you come home from the office and your clothes are a mess and your beagle is snuggling in them, it's because they like the way you smell and it makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Number 10: Your beagle may lean on you

Beagles have a habit of leaning on their loved ones and taking a nap, this is their way of cuddling you and telling you how much they love you, I am sure you are your beagle's favorite person.

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