10 Qualities of Beagles that will make you want one

10 Qualities of Beagles that will make you want one

 do you want to get a beagle or trying to figure out whether a beagle is a suitable choice for your lifestyle or not, I will give you a quick answer if you are looking for a relatively small dog and a cuddle monster, then look no further, a beagle is a perfect breed, still confused, don't worry, I will give you 10 characteristics of beagles that will make you want one.

Number one: beagles are cuddle monsters

If you are someone like me who loves to cuddle with your pets, then my friend, you are able to keep your beagle happy. Beagles love to cuddle, these dogs love to be around people, sleep on our laps and lick our faces, they are affectionate and lovable towards all people. 

 Number two: they are relatively small in size

 There are numerous reasons to prefer a medium-sized breed like a beagle. They're not too big and high-maintenance like Labradors, and they're not too small to play outside.

Number three: they are super friendly

they are super friendly to everyone, they make friends easily, in fact, my beagle is so friendly that we often joke that if one day an intruder breaks into our house, instead of barking, our dog will start playing with him.

Number four: beagles are friendly with children

Beagles are considered one of the most family-friendly breeds because they are very social and especially good with small children. An ideal child-friendly dog should be both playful and calm, and these two traits are the best qualities in a beagle. I have heard stories of a Beagle getting along so well with children that it became the child's protector.

Number five: they are adorable

 Beagles look adorable with their long droopy ears and soulful eyes, you can just sit and watch them do cute things all day long.

Number six: they are low maintenance

 they have short hair and shed less, they don't eat as much as a large breed of dog and need minimal grooming.

Number seven: they are extremely intelligent

Beagles are really smart and intelligent, this is both a blessing and a curse for our blessing because they can learn things very quickly curse because they learn things quickly and use them to be mischievous, yes beagles are intelligent but they are very naughty.

Number eight: Beagles are always happy

Beagles are just happy dogs, they always want to be with you, they are ready to play all day long.

Number nine: They are great with other animals

Beagles are loving and playful dogs, unlike other dogs Beagles don't see animals as a threat, they treat them as companions. They get along very well with other dogs and also with cats.

Number ten: they are pure entertainment

Beagles are just fun, they never get bored, they are always ready to play. Watch your Beagle and you will be smiling most of the time because they are just adorable to look at.

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