Do not make these mistakes when raising your first beagle

Do not make these mistakes when raising your first beagle

 Well, many years ago when I got my first beagle, I had no idea about this breed.

He was my first pet ever and I didn't know how to raise him, I'm not going to lie, I made quite a few mistakes.

Today I'm going to go over all of those mistakes I made raising my first beagle so you don't repeat them.

The first mistake I made was that I didn't:

Give him enough, daily exercise Beagles have a lot of energy in them and they need a lot of exercise too, release, I was getting lazy for taking it in.

I took my beagle for a daily walk and soon my beagle started releasing his energy.

Other things he would run around the house like crazy he would chew on our furniture he would bark all day that was the biggest mistake I made.

Overfeeding him treats I gave him treats a lot, well using treats as positive reinforcement is the best way to train them, however treats should not account for.

make up more than 10 percent of your beagle's diet Overfeeding him treats can not only ruin his appetite, but also contribute to unhealthy weight.

This is a common mistake that many dog owners make: they give their Beagle a command like "sit" and repeat it over and over until he sits - this can teach the Beagle to sit.

only if they repeat a command. so if your dog doesn't obey the command, instead of repeating it, take him to another room and try again.

 Encouraging bad behavior, when i see my beagle's soulful eyes, i often gave him trees even if he didn't follow my commands, which only made him more stubborn.

Yes, Beagles are naturally social, but to bring out this trait, owners need to socialize them from puppyhood dogs should.

always socialize new people new animals new environment allows your beagle to feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations and teaches them to respond positively.

do not practice tricks and commands even though beagles are smart, they can forget tricks and commands over time, it is very important to set a daily schedule for practice.

Practicing all the commands they have learned not only repeats the commands, but also maintains discipline.

 I always thought that my Beagle was small and his bad behavior would subside as he grew, but that is not true, if the puppy learned that he gets treats for barking, he will bark louder as an adult.

If you notice bad behavior, make it stop, no matter how cute your puppy seems. i hope you don't repeat all the mistakes.

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